Edible oil organic

Our deep commitment to the organic sector has made us a leading Swiss producer of organic oils. We are convinced that satisfying our customers, consumers and suppliers as well as environmental compatibility are important factors in producing high-quality products. That is why we process natural products in a way that maintains their natural characteristics in terms of taste and high nutritional value.

The quality of a product is judged by the raw materials used. Buying organic raw materials requires a careful selection of suppliers and products. If we cannot produce something ourselves, we seek out a high level of professionalism in our suppliers, whom we vet regularly. Monitoring starts with the seed and continues throughout the entire production chain: harvesting, cleaning and selecting the natural products, drying, storage, the transport of the organic raw materials to our production facilities and their processing, right through to the provision of the finished product to our customers.

All our organic products are monitored by the certification body bio.inspecta AG.

Here is a small selection of our organic oils: