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Quality Assurance in the Laboratory of Oleificio Sabo


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For those involved in the production and analysis of food, it's crucial to have confidence in the quality of products through reliable test results.

There are numerous factors that can influence the quality of analysis: the testing method used, laboratory procedures, employee practices, and having modern laboratory equipment are just a few of these influencing factors. To ensure that the test results achieved by the laboratory are valid and actionable, quality assurance is essential. One component of quality assurance involves laboratory inspections, where the laboratory's processes and equipment are assessed. However, even more critical are ring tests, as they evaluate the actual analytical performance of a laboratory.

In these ring tests (proficiency tests), an identical sample is sent by a ring test organizer to multiple laboratories, and these laboratories are required to analyze it under specified conditions. The test results are then collected and statistically evaluated to assess the accuracy of the laboratories' measurements. According to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, accredited testing laboratories must regularly participate in ring tests to ensure the quality of their results.

The laboratory at Oleificio Sabo regularly participates in the ring test organized by the German Society for Fat Science, a ring test considered essential in the edible oil sector. Thanks to competent staff and continuous development and control of analytical methods, the in-house laboratory has secured a place among the top 20 participants (out of 120 international participants) in this ring test.

Congratulations to the entire lab team!

Claudia Hauber,
Laboratory Manager